Need for uniform speed breakers

Over the last 6 months, i happen to cover about 5000 km by road , passing through a number of states. During this entire journey, i have been to the state of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharastra, Goa, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Certainly the condition of road depends on whether we are travelling on Express Highway, NH, AH (Asian Highway), State Highway or District Roads. One thing which stands out common is non uniformity of speed breakers, infact it can be called as vehicle breakers. Express highways are well planned.

There are different types of speed breakers which i have encountered which are by design and by accident. By accident i meant the craters which developed due to rain, bad maintanence etc. Speed breakers by design implies the different types of speed breakers which are made to ensure that the vehicle speed of a vehicle plying on a particular road reduces by the extent desired.

The designed speed breakers which are encountered are the one with a very big mount , having six- seven smaller mounts,  and of course the gentle ones. Overall there is no standarisation for speed breakers. Several times, the driver doesn’t know about a speed breaker unless he encounters one.

This calls for correct signaling mechanism of speed breakers, and a method  which clearly tell driver to reduce speed. Like there is a need to display speed breaker ahead atleast 500m before its approach , white lumninous paint on the speed breakers. There can be only two varieties of speed breakers, one which reduces speed of vehicle to say 15 kmph and the other one to about 30 kmph.

This standardization will certainly go a long way in increasing the overall life  and an effective speed reduction mechanism of vehicles.


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